Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Here we go...again

 So.  Here I am...starting yet another blog.  I just decided to bid farewell to my last attempt at starting up a blog. Not long after getting the last one all set up and even posting a few blogs, we could no longer afford our internet service. So my blog just sat there...unfulfilled.
Well, things have changed.  Ricky, as many of y'all know headed off to truck driving school in August.  He is officially a truck driver and we can get back to paying our own way.  Were it not for my brother and my mom, I don't see how we could have survived the last 4 months.

Seriously.  It has been rough going and depressing at times...the one bright spot was knowing that once Ricky had that CDL in his hot little hands, our situation could only get better.