Sunday, December 4, 2011

Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change

I wished my first "Merry Christmas" yesterday.
Savana needs a pair of black pants for her Christmas program, or I would have never ventured out into shankville...I mean, Walmart.

It is a madhouse there on the weekends, even without all the Christmas shopping.

It turned out that I actually ended up at Walmart not once but twice...

The only suitable pants we could find for my horizontally challenged child were too big in the waist, so we left and went to a couple other stores.

Only to return to where it all began...and by it, I am referring to the headache I got from trying to shop for pants, talk on the phone to various family members and negotiate the junk food/potato chip isle...a nice lady talked my ear off about how she thinks she is coming down with that bug that's goin' around.

I hope she wasn't just handling the bag of tortilla chips I chose.

Have I mentioned that I am not much of a multi-tasker??
About the only thing I can do while doing something else is cook...and even then, if it weren't for my stove top timer the house would have burned down long ago.

So, where was I? Oh, yes....Christmas.
We made it to the express line at Walmart and as the cashier hands me my change I say "thank you and you have a Merry Christmas"...she smiled back and said "Merry Christmas to you too. " 

That felt good.

On a side note...a trip anywhere with my daughter would not be complete if someone didn't stop her and mention how they love her hairdo.  That happened on our first trip to Walmart yesterday.  A woman actually stopped us to tell Savana that she had seen her come into the store and noticed her hair, and felt compelled (when she then saw us as we were leaving) to let Savana know that her hair was really cute.

She will be looking just as stylish at her Christmas concert this week with her hair all fancy and those slacks that were too big, pinned together so they stay on her narrow ass.


  1. CUTE! We need pics!
    Love, Cindy Lepp

  2. You know I would seriously have posted pictures of her hairdo because she can rock a "do" and does her hair all by herself (always has, she hates for me to do it and I'm a hairstylist from way back...) but my camera is still in the pawn shop. :( I am getting it out this weekend...too late for the Christmas program, though. Dammit.