Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mother trucker, man.

I've had the itch to sit down and write but no sooner do I get sat down and my itch goes away.
I hate when that happens... I want to be inspired to sit and put pen to paper but lately... nothing.  Maybe it's because our lives are in transition right now and I'm having a hard time.  I got nothing to share with y'all because while Rick is busy sleeping the day away (he worked all night), I am either trying not to make noise and wake him or I'm right beside him in the bed... in truth, the extra tin foil that now covers the bedroom windows is as much for him as it is for me. I cannot sleep during the day unless the room is pitch black and he claims he cannot sleep without me. So...
Did I ever mention that those early hours in the morning are my most creative hours?  I'm not feeling so creative lately.
I feel like I'm hanging on for the ride right now.  Still trying to find my footing as we step off into our new lives.  Rick and I have never spent more than mere hours away from each others side in ten years.  For eight of those ten years he was always just right outside there *motions in the direction of the nearest pasture outside* and only minutes from me should I ever need him.
Things have sure changed around here. So much... for years life was all about cows and sunrises and less of a schedule.  Now it's about late night phone calls from Ricky and my daughter's developing social life.

I can't recall the last time I took a picture of the morning sun.

Change can be a good thing.
Change sucks, too. Sometimes.  Don't get me wrong.  I could not be happier that Rick has a new skill that he loves and he enjoys his job and it is affording us a better life... it's the whole idea of a better life.  I always thought we had a great life out here in the sticks. 
Never had much but we didn't need much and we were crazy happy. How could life be better than that?
We are still crazy happy. Make no mistake about that. Crazy happy.
He is my best friend. 

Until next time... If you can't see the bright side of life. Polish the dull side.

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  1. It is how you let change affect you that matters because life is nothing but change!