Thursday, January 5, 2012

What a difference a week can make

Ricky made it home in time for us to not have to postpone New Year's Eve...that would have been an impossibility!  LOL
2012 was coming whether we were ready or not. 
He was pretty upset when he realized he would not be here for Christmas.  Savana didn't care for the idea of postponing the opening of her Christmas presents, either.  The thought of having to walk past them under the tree everyday knowing she wasn't gonna open any of them til daddy got home was almost more than she could stand.

She asked me, "Can you just hide all my presents somewhere so I don't have to see them under the tree everyday? I don't think I can take it... I might just have to peek."

No way, girl!!  We are gonna suffer through this together, damn it. (To be on the safe side, I put extra tape on her gifts.)

And suffer, we did... right up until daddy got home. He barely got his boots off before the floor was covered in wrapping paper.

I don't understand it, but lately I can not get a picture of her without her having made some silly face...  "Everybody does that, momma. Not just me!"

Something wonderful happened while Ricky was home this last week.  He was offered a job hauling salt water for an oilfield service. He took it and he starts Monday.

I could not be happier.  He will be home everyday and make better money.

The long haul trucking business is not for us.  We had no idea when Rick took that job that he'd be gone from home for however long it took him to log 10,000 miles... he was told he'd be gone a week at first... "You'll be home for Thanksgiving, so just pack enough clothes and toiletries for the week."

Ignorance is bliss.  We were just thrilled for him to have a job when there are so many that don't. 

While I have everyone's attention I'd like to mention that Savana's 5th grade class has the opportunity to take a trip to Washington, DC this year.  We have to raise $1,272 for her to go.

This rifle is being raffled off to help raise the money.  It is a Yildiz over/under 12-gauge shotgun. $10 per chance. The drawing will be held about the middle of March. The trip is in May the day after school is out for the summer.
I googled Oklahoma's gun laws concerning the purchase, sale and transporting of a firearm and here is what I found:

I also checked into Texas gun laws, since the rifle was actually purchased there:

If anyone is interested in helping us send Savana on this once in a lifetime trip to Washington, DC you may email me at:

I am not opposed to donations, either. LOL  If you'd like to help but don't want the rifle. I promise I won't go and buy any beer with your money.  We really want Savana to be able to go on this trip.

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